Frances Ayers Designs

Original and unique, one of a kind Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.


I utilize multiple materials to accomplish my design vision for any given piece. 

The beads I collect are ceramic, porcelain, lamp-worked, hand blown glass, pressed glass as well as crystals and semi-precious stones. Some of these beads are handmade by amazing artists' and I am delighted to be use their art to enhance my designs. I search local, national and international sources for vintage beads and other unusual objects to use in my designs. 

The metals I work with are sterling silver, silver filled, gold filled, brass, copper and pewter. All are nickel and lead free.

I work with a resin that is made for use in jewelry making. It is non-toxic and cures to a clear, hard glass finish. I use this resin to embed organics, papers and  a variety of other materials and colorants in my designs.